The Trout Club public resort combines historic tradition with modern taste. A public facility, the club offers 18 holes of golf and foot golf, a full kitchen with nine distinct dining spaces, two indoor/outdoor bars, an outdoor pool, many indoor and outdoor entertaining spaces, a pavilion for concerts, weekly live music, and overnight accommodations in our TC Villas. Packages are available to those who plan to visit regularly, but remember, even if you just come for the day, when you’re here, you’re part of the club.​

This is Where You Wanted to Be

31​August2019  Newark High School Class of 1959  60th Class Reunion

Main Entrance to the Dining Room​

June Beggs Nethers, Mary Phares Peyton, Dick Dudgeon

Over the River and Thru the Bridge

Newark High School • Newark, Ohio • Class of 1959 • 60th Reunion 2019

Lined Up For Buffet

Brent and his wife, Agata, oversee a Newark-based multi-million-dollar construction and real estate business called AKD Construction, building dozens of retail stores as well as various real estate buys, flips and rehabs. Together they own dozens of houses and hundreds of apartments. That includes The Trout Club Public Resort.

Welcome to the Trout Club

Bill Johns, Dixie Hannahs Young, Sandy Morrison Baldwin, Sandy Birkey Erick,
Janet Winland Williams, Diana Jacobs Myers - Chair, Jack Shumaker

The Hardest Working Reunion Committee in Show Business 2019.

Brent Dewey owns Trout Club
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